Andy Heffernan | First World War - History Classroom

First World War – History Classroom

  • 29 Oct


This First World War – History Classroom was originally going to be a fix job for the design that was already situated in the classroom, however the original piece was highly damaged and needed replacing, however i thought that a redesign of the classroom feature was due and would benefit the classroom more, the brief was to recreate a scene from a world war one battlefield.

For this we used a mixture of different mediums and techniques to accomplish the task:
1) the main focus of the design is the soldiers, i wanted to the scene to be a silhouette of a battle scene however i wanted the soldiers to stand out, so i incorporated some photography into the silhouetted shape of each man, the photography was of real life world war one battle field imagery.
2) the landscape, again with this i wanted it to be silhouetted but i wanted to layer it, i used a mixture of silver window vinyl for the background and matt black vinyl for the foreground, i also incorporated smaller flat soldiers into the silver vinyl layer.

This design was one of the most intricate pieces to install and remains as one of the hardest we have ever done.

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