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Humanities Classroom Designs

  • 24 Feb


A selection of bespoke feature wall designs for the humanities department at Tudor Grange Academy Worcester, this department cover subject like history, geography and religious education, this meant that the topics were broad and all incredibly different, in the geography department there are themes such as the durdle door and the san rafael waterfall in Ecuador, these feature walls contain large stunning imagery and focus key words hidden within the image.
The history department has topics such as jack the ripper, the crusades and also has large timeline displaying many key event that happened over the course of the 20th century.
Finally, my favourite classroom, the R.E room. the theme of this room was the civil rights movement of the 1960s focusing on the ‘I have a dream’ speech made my Martin Luther king jr in 1963, this room has a large feature wall with an image of MLK making the speech and a side wall displaying a timeline of key event that took place during the civil rights movement.

The Humanities Classroom Designs in Worcester was an early project and looking back there are a few design aspects i would change.

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