Andy Heffernan | Maths Classroom Design

  • 11 Feb


These are the Maths Classroom Design, the first project i undertook as a graphics designer. the classrooms are all themed based on famous mathematicians and their work, the themes include Escher, pascals triangle, mandelbrot and tessellation.

These classrooms act as a visual resource and learning aid for the students, within some of the rooms they can turn to the walls to see what number might be next in a series or what equation is needed to complete a mathematical problem, other rooms provide historical information about a famous mathematician or their work, for example the Isaac newton room displays information about his mathematical career and how he discovered the thing he did.

With most of these classrooms the common theme is subtlety, as mathematics is a very academic subject and provides few visual images the idea was to use patterns and muted/minimal colours to convey the academic message yet give the classroom it strong visual presence, some designs such as the Escher stairs image are very impactful, along with mandelbrots strong vibrant imagery are very visually strong.

As a teaching and learning aid, these designs prompt students to take an interest in the multiple paths mathematics can lead you down, from art and design to computer science and beyond.

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