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Robert Smyth Academy Branding

  • 06 Apr


The History of the Robert Smyth Academy

The Robert Smyth Academy is a school in Market Harborough, Around 1570, Robert Smith, from the town, walked to London. By 1598, he had become comptroller of the City of London. In 1607 he founded Market Harborough Grammar School. The building still exists in the Market Place.

Today, the school is being taken over by the Tudor Grange Academy, my last task as an employee of the academy was to bring the Robert Smyth Academy into the same branding as the rest of the trust.

The Task

There are two major parts to all of the logos throughout the trust, one is the Academies shield and the other is the less formal contemporary version, however, like in all of the trusts logos the contemporary logo must be situated inside one of sections of the shield emblem.

The Contemporary logo

I had to undertake the creation of the contemporary logo before anything else, the request for this was to evoke some element of the history or heritage of the school, the schools original logo shares many similarities to the emblem for the city of London which has elements of griffins, swords, the St Georges cross and a latin motto. This needed to change.

I decided to focus on the old grammar school building which is situated in the town centre of Market Harborough, it is a focal point and historical landmark in the town, and is directly associated with the school.
Around the town there are signs directing you to the landmark, the sign depicts a flat icon/symbol of the building, i was asked to take a similar approach for the contemporary logo.

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The Shield

As with before, the shield need to evoke some similarities to the original logo (griffins, swords…ect) but also share the same principals as the other Tudor Grange shields.

I decided that the most prominent part of the original logo was the large bold St Georges cross in the very centre, i used this in the bottom third of the new shield design, i put the new contemporary logo in the top left third and add the Tudor Rose emblem that is common throughout all of the TG shields.

The big question for this task was, ‘what do we do with the Griffins/Dragons’, the decision was made to keep them exactly how they are, this way the logo still hold some strong resemblance to the original.

I hope to see this project come to life over the next few months.