Andy Heffernan | Solar System Hub Display - Andy Heffernan

  • 13 May


The Solar System Hub Display at the Tudor Grange Academy Worcester

A Large-scale wall design for the main entrance hub at the Tudor Grange Academy Worcester showcasing our solar system and all of its planets (including some moons), this design was part of a group of wall displays designed for the schools STEM week which focuses on Science and Technology.

The design was a showcasing piece for the school’s STEM week, which stands for Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The brief was simple “we would like a scale diagram of the solar system!”, I used Images and statistics from NASA’s website to make sure every detail worked. However, the mathematics on this job are only partly correct.
Jupiter (if it were to scale) would be bigger than the whole wall, if we were to have the other planets downsized in scale, the earth would be around 2-5cm in diameter.

Fortunately, we were able to compromise and fit all of the planets across the wall; including Pluto and its fellow dwarf planets (also in scale).

See more on Behance: Click here.