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  • 04 Aug


An Interactive Look at The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London
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The Great fire of London is a common subject in most primary schools. Students learn how the fire started, who helped put it out and where the fire started.

I created this virtual tour to aid with the teaching of the subject. To be used inside the classroom and at home. it can be used on computers, ipads, smartphones and VR headsets. It is aimed more towards primary school students and allows pupils to become immersed in 1666 london and discover what happened during the historical event. The children have the chance to explore medieval london and interact with characters to answer the questions on a worksheet.

The scene’s made up of many many different stock images of buildings, accessories and characters. Over time i hope to create multiple scenes that link together, so that the pupils can travel from one to the next and really experience what life in 1666 london was like.

It has taken a very long time to piece this together so that it works, i am happy with the final result and would like to continue creating these.

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I have also designed a fully immersive World War One 360º tour this time aimed toward secondary school students,

Please find the World War One Learning VR page Here.

(please note these are still in there beta phase and arn’t ready as a resource for schools)

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