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The tricks of the trade

Solar System Hub Display

Large scale print

I am proficient with printing on a large format, i have over a years experiences designing and printing interior wall installations for academies across the Midlands.


I am a forward thinker when it comes to printed media and editorial design; it requires a certain level of finesse, which I believe I have. I can use adobe illustrator, photoshop and InDesign for use with printing booklets and brochures.


Branding, logo design and identity is a personal favourite, as it allows for experimentation and development across most other mediums and platforms of design.

Web / Digital

Web design was a particular passion of mine however i am still learning the fundamentals of coding and interface design.


I set out to learn/practice Photography about two years ago, I hit the ground running and never looked back. I have experience photographing various events such as proms, awards evenings, sports events and celebrations.


I have been practicing video and video editing for a long time but i still have much to learn.


Identity through logos is a fundemental aspect of Graphic Design, i enjoy the challenge of portraying a service through simply designed, marks and drawings.