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Here you will find a selection of works that both me a the TGdesign team have done over the past couple of years.

We are TG Design: Incipiently Lawrence Morgan flag shipped TG Design in producing bespoke educational design via publications, installations and digital media dedicated to captivating the imagination of students and teachers alike. Amongst all the aim was to provide a thriving atmosphere, which would inspire students to learn.

The young but knowledgeable Liam Mann joined the team shortly after as the dedicated web developer for TG Design. This enabled TG Design to have a big impact online creating numerous websites and teaching & learning platforms across all the academies and the trust.

The success of Tudor Grange Academies meant expansion of the Academy brand was a natural progression; this resulted in taking on more academy schools.

Fast Forward 2014 - After establishing TG Design several years ago under Tudor Grange Academies Trust, the department had grown capability and creativity considerably. Recent Graphic Design & Multimedia Graduates George Moss and Andrew Heffernan joined the team to expand the department to four to keep up with the positive demand.

Today we offer creative design solutions to almost every avenue from web to print. Our distinctive lateral way of thinking allows us to capture the essence of each given brief. We then portray in a fresh and exciting way to create memorable, high-impact formulas.

In 2015, there has been a big push on classroom design/installations. TG Design revamped the History classrooms in Worcester, Humanities & English in Redditch and the Maths classrooms in Solihull. Each room designed to briefs relating to topics the students are studying. The installations make a huge impact, which is reflected by the demand!

TG Design is dedicated to the innovation of design within Teaching environments, and that makes us excited.