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Flags of Europe

Please visit my Creative Market shop to download these fantastic Flags of Europe place marker vectors, for only £5!


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Robot Character Designs for Shutterstock

Robot Character Designs

Shutterstock robot

robot stock image

A few Months ago I decided to take a chance earning some money through stock image sites, Shutterstock is the one I use the most, so I created a contributor account and started uploading my images.

At the start, all I had were photographs from my days working at a school, pictures of old clocks, coat racks...etc, they weren't doing very well in terms of downloads, I expected this would happen from the get-go.

To gain more traffic I decided that, the more content I had, the more chances of exposure, however, I no longer have a high-quality camera to help me with this, as it was the property of the school.

Pictures from my phone weren't good enough, pictures I'd already taken needed permissions for the content (people, places...) I was at an impasse.

Until one day I realised, I am a designer, not a photographer, I set my self a challenge, I would design a group of characters that could be useful to animators and designers alike.

My first was this robot character that I had originally created for a project at University, he and all my other content is available at Shutterstock: shutterstock.com/g/AndrewHeffernan

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peckish for brains..

What A Tweeest2-01







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