The Half Day Trial

Skinny coffee club is a product created to be sold in branches of Holland and Barrett, it is a weight loses supliment in the form of coffee.

A couplpe of weeks ago i participated in a stage of interviews to join the design and marketing team at Holland and barret, as a Graphic Designer.

in the end i got down to the final two candidates and was asked to come in for a half day working trial, i got to meet the team and experience how they work.

The task to create some promotional designs for the Skinny Coffee Club brand, a set of window displays and some online banners.

I based my campaign on the concept of a weighing scales where the units of measurement were replaced with times of the day, and the needle pointing towards the time of day a person would/should consume the brand.

After, i left the half day session with my head held high, feeling very proud to have even been given the chance to particpate in this exercise.

I am very greatful that holland and Barrett gave me this opportunity and feel i have built a bond with the team, i hope to hear many things from them in the future.

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